How Expert People Make The Most Of Their Flower Strains

The strain you choose to use will depend on your reason for using it. If you are looking for pain relief, you might choose a different strain than if you are looking to relax after a long day. Some strains focus more on the psychoactive experience, and others offer increased medicinal benefits. One should consider this when deciding which strain to buy, but remember that every strain is unique in some way.

How to select the best strains?

When one chooses a strain of marijuana, one wants it to have the right combination of genes. A Sativa strain might be more stimulating and creative than an Indica strain but less relaxing and heavy-hitting. The trouble is, one doesn’t know which genes are going to make that happen.

Starting in 1995, however, several labs started sequencing the DNA of marijuana plants. The work was expensive, but it turned out to be worthwhile. By studying the DNA, they learned which genes were important. The genes that make a Sativa strain less relaxing and more stimulating, for example, are called “Indica” genes. And the ones responsible for a strain’s high in THC and lower in CBD are called “Sativa” genes.

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Since 1995, the sequencing of marijuana plants has become much cheaper. If one sequenced a marijuana plant, one could now use that information to predict which strains would turn out to be most useful.

In 2013, the Fraunhofer Institute put this idea into practice. They sequenced six strains of marijuana and subjected them to a battery of tests. The results were published online. What they found was interesting. The strains that turned out to be most useful for medicinal purposes were two Sativa strains, Chemdawg and Trainwreck. (Chemdawg, by the way, is a cross between an Indica strain and an Afghani Sativa strain.)

The strains that seemed most useful for recreational use were two Indica strains, Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush. The discovery of useful strains of marijuana isn’t entirely satisfying. If their favourite strain isn’t on the list, it probably isn’t on that list because the researchers couldn’t find any useful strains.

The round seedpod is the result of a process called “selfing.” The bud has two parents, so it produces two flowers. Because both flower buds are round, the round seedpod is the result. But in practice, most seedpods aren’t round. Most hybrids indeed have seedpods that look like the original parents, just shorter.

 So there’s a problem. If one wants around seedpod, one needs a long seedpod. And if one wants a long seedpod, one needs a short seedpod. So one can’t have one without the other. This paradox is solved by a “cross-pollination” and Best Delta 8 flowers available online.