A showcase of the finest Tamil movies

Forget the glitz and glamour and dive into the raw, emotion-packed world of South Indian cinema. This diverse film industry offers captivating stories from crime to passionate love stories. Further in this blog, you will be showcased with the three gems that will leave you speechless.

Prepare to get swept away by the forbidden romance of “Aneethi”, a drama movie that showcases societal pressure. After that, buckle up for the heart-pounding thriller of the “Maruthi Nagar police station”, and finally delve into the bitter tale of the love story of the Kaadhal Rewind.

1- Aneethi

Director Vasanthabalan, with a career of over 20 years in the film industry, has directed only seven films. Most of his movies depict societal injustices. His creativity again sparked to create this masterpiece “Aneethi”. Like most of his films, this movie starts with the protagonist with trouble in his career. The main lead is a food delivery guy who loves Subbu.

Subbu is a housekeeper whom he loves more than anyone. However, the problem starts as they both get intervened in a case where an older woman dies. The plot further revolves around this story. To watch these Tamil new movies, get an aha subscription.

2- Maruthi Nagar Police Station

Also known as MNPS, it is an Indian Tamil film released in 2023. It is a thriller film directed by the famous director Dayal Padmanabhan. This movie stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Arav, Santosh Prathap, Mahat Raghavendra and Yasar. This movie is produced for the D pictures. This movie was streamed on aha in May 2023. The storyline of this movie makes it slightly different from others.

This film revolves around the five close friends. These friends grew together in an orphanage. The murder of one cause them to seek revenge. Determined to avenge, they start planning to find the murderer. Further, it is revealed that their friend got killed on the premises of the Maruthi Nagar police station. After that, the plot continues and unfolds mysteries.

3- Kaadhal Rewind

Adhil M Asharaf directs this movie, and it is about a teenage love story. The story begins in the breeze of a coastal town. Two teenagers, Jimmy and Nithya, fall in love. Jimmy is from a middle-class Muslim family, whereas Nithya is a Hindu girl. Their love starts secretly, but the religious difference tears them apart. The movie further revolves around the disapproval of the families. Witness this bitter tale of two hearts tangled in the complexity of religion and love. To watch these compelling movies, get an aha subscription.

To conclude 

The narration and storyline of the Tamil new movieshave captivated the audience. We have witnessed some of them in this blog. Each of these films has distinct narrations and styles. These remind us of the pulsating real-life complexities and ignite our hearts with related stories. So, whether you seek a thriller or a bitter reality of life, Tamil cinema has vibrant options. Discover these cinematic marvels with aha subscription. With no more waiting, dive into the most diverse film industry and unfold the stories.