How to find out your credit score?

It is in the interests of the borrower to systematically monitor the state of the credit history in order to understand the current value of the assessment score. Bad credit installment loans guaranteed approval are now available.

Send an application to the relevant bank, which can be done:

free of charge twice a year;

paid for an unlimited number of times.

Get a credit report in print or electronic form.

Check out the rating.

Take steps to improve it.

Methods for checking CI

A credit history containing such an important parameter as a credit rating is formed in organizations specially created for this process – credit history bureaus. Information is transmitted to the CBI by any financial and credit organizations with which the borrower successfully or unsuccessfully interacts.

The subject of credit history has the right to receive, upon request, an up-to-date report on the state of his credit history. Containing:

  • credit rating and its characteristics;
  • current payment status;
  • information on active and closed loans;
  • facts of delays;
  • information about credit history inquiries;
  • judicial decisions.

The task of the client is to send an application to the bureau for the provision of credit history. You can do this in various ways:

  • personally contact the bank department;
  • write a letter;
  • send a telegram.

The clients can send an application online to an affiliated bank and after a few minutes receive a detailed report.

It is important to understand that only the subject of the CI has the right to send a request. Therefore, requests sent by post must be certified: letters – by a notary, telegrams – by an operator.