Is making sausage an easy task?

To make sausage at home is one of those tasks which is not as tricky as it sounds. Sausage is a combination of ground meat, salt, fat as well as flavourings. Making sausageis considered to be the main course at any fancy dinner.

Balance plays a great role in making good sausage. By balance it means balance of the optimum amount of spices as well as herbs, the balance of salt and savoury in making sausage.

How to make sausages?

While cooking sausage you need a certain amount of liquid for tightening the bind after mixing it with the sausage meat. Without binding your sausage won’t be properly made. You need an optimum quantity of fat, approximately 20%. Since a sausage that constitutes less fat is not worth eating.

#1. All the ingredients must be cold

 Before making sausages make sure that your meat, as well as fat, are cold or completely frozen. Before you start cooking you should keep the meat and fat in the freezer for approximately 2 hours on a prior basis. Make sure to refrigerate them before using them.

#2. Cut them into pieces and keep them over an iced bowl

It is recommended to prepare a bowl of ice to put a medium-size metal bowl on top of it. You should cut your meat as well as fat into pieces. You should cut them between 1 inch – 2inch. Fat should be cut smaller in comparison to the meat. After cutting them, keep them in an iced bowl.

#3. Add spices to them after mixing it

After chopping them into chunks, you should mix them properly. Then pour two tablespoons of fennel seeds after combining them with black pepper. Form a mixture of them. At last mix one more time after adding sugar and salt.

#4. Put them into the freezer 

After forming a mixture you should put them into a container that can be covered properly. After forming a mixture you should put them into a container that can be covered properly. Wrap the mixture with plastic and freeze them for a minimum of 30 minutes.

#5. Grind them

After they are chilled you should properly grind them. After all the meat is ground you should again freeze them after cleaning up the grinder as well as a work area.

It is very necessary to know the exact ratio of salt to the meat while making it. After you have become experienced you can sprinkle your salt according to your preference.