Best Ways to Wear Pink

If you are one person who gets depressed by the black color, know that you can always switch to something more vibrant. Perhaps you would like to become Elsa Schiaparelli who loved to wear pink. Pink and its many shades are often the colors for spring and summer, but these can make any cold winter day bright and cheerful. This is the power of weaning a pink dress.  

You can wear pink in so many ways. The truth is that there is no limit to how you can be creative with it. The following are some of the ways for you to make the most of your pink wardrobe:

The Color Clash

Pink works well with so many colors. When you wear it with black and navy blue, pink can look highly sophisticated. You may also raise the heat a notch higher by mixing pink with red or orange. If you want it to look more subdued and professional, you may pair up pink with beige. When it is mixed with traditional white, it can appear fresh and crisp.

The Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look is something that everyone adores. This style also makes one look slimmer. It would be difficult for you to go overboard when you wears pink in a jumpsuit, skirt and top, and an abpant suit. A lighter shade will soften your look while a brighter shade of pink makes it a highlight of the ensemble.

pink dress

You won’t go wrong with a tonal style.

You can wear a pink dress with matching accessories of varying shades. Always bear in mind that fuchsia and pale pink will complement each other. The lighter shade makes it soft while the bright one highlights the part.

Find out what works with your skin tone.

In general, when you have pink or rosy undertones, your skin tone will look good in blue undertones. If you have golden or apricot undertones, you will have a warm skin tone. Yellow hues will also appeal to you.

The color and the cut always go together.

Any dress will flatter you when it is of the right cut and tailored to suit you well. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a full fuchsia dress or a hot pink pantsuit, make sure that its cut is perfect for your body. Anything frilly or too heavy may make you look like an overgrown girl. A fitted jacket, on the other hand, will make you look sleek and professional.

You can make it an accent.

When the bold color is not to your liking, just ease yourself into it. You can start with a statement piece like a pink coat. You can get rid of the coat and have a more conservative look. If not, you will have fabulous outerwear.